Founded by childhood friends Sarah Nelkin and Tiffany Rafii in 2009, UpSpring PR has become one of the top PR firms in the design, architecture and real estate industries. 


It's always a unique challenge to build something from the ground up, but like many of our clients, our leadership grew this company with passion, hard work, and a team so dedicated that we call them "lifers."



Sarah Nelkin

Tiffany Rafii

The Team

Kendis Charles
Business Manager

Ashley Bond
Associate Vice President

Cody Suher
Senior Communications Director

Addie Godwin
Associate Communications Director

Matthew Marin
Senior Account Executive

Allie Murphy
Senior Account Executive

Casey Lamkin
Account Executive

Kristina Barry
Account Coordinator

Jana Montero
Vice President - Communications

Caroline Saba
Associate Vice President

Samantha Kanter
Communications Director

Emily Cones-Brown
Associate Communications Director

Selin Ashaboglu
Senior Account Executive

Taylor Falls
Account Executive

Sarah Bell
Assistant Account Executive

Veronica Leva
Account Coordinator

Jennifer Fiorenza
Vice President - Managing Director

Vanessa Stone
Senior Communications Director

Christina Robitaille
Associate Communications Director

Raquel Cona
Associate Communications Director

Francine Weiss
Senior Account Executive

Ashley Howie
Senior Account Executive

Michael Czerepka
Assistant Account Executive

Katlyn Tolly
Account Coordinator



We love our clients...and our clients love us

Serving over 50 clients, UpSpring PR represents architecture, real estate, and design firms as well as both consumer and contract product companies all over the world. Whether our clients have global offices, serve markets internationally, or look to expand locally, we listen and strategically implement a communications plan that helps them grow. As you'll see in these testimonials, our clients are our family, their success is ours, and we wouldn't have it any other way. 


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Big Chill

UpSpring's strength is their dedication, they work incredibly hard every single day at representing our brand. They are able to secure media placements seamlessly across the trade and consumer channels in impressive volume. They are strengthening their influencer skills in real time and have been able to create unique, long term relationships. They have effortlessly integrated into our team and are a vital component of our communications strategy.

- Hillary Frei, Chief Marketing Officer

Wilson Associates

"Working with UpSpring is so much more than just hiring a PR firm – they’re an extension of your communications team. We’ve increased our media placement tenfold, have secured keynote speaking engagements, and honed our awards submission strategy with great results, all in less than one year(!), and I could not have done this alone without UpSpring’s expertise and efforts. Plus, they really are such an amazing, enthusiastic, friendly group of people to work with – my Dream Team!"

- Amanda Tower, Global Communications and Branding

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“We partnered with UpSpring to assist with our PR needs over a year ago. From the start they had a clear vision of our brand and the way that it should be represented. They have become an essential part of our daily workflow and have exceeded our expectations, solidifying quality press opportunities. The work ethic and professionalism that Cody and the the UpSpring team have is valued by our entire team. “

- Danielle Tighe, Marketing Manager

Nemo tile

"UpSpring PR's expertise is unparalleled and invaluable. As a company that works with consumers and designers across the commercial, residential and hospitality industries, we were unsure of our ability to find a firm that could create a strategic multi-faceted approach. The firm does a tremendous job building our brand, driving home our messaging, and promoting our people and product offerings. UpSpring has the rare combination of being well-versed in architecture, design and communications to draw the media's attention. With that said, they've become our partner far beyond pitching our products and story to the press, they've completely integrated themselves with our sales, design and marketing teams. They're just the best at what they do."

- Matt Karlin, President/CEO


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“The key to smart business is identifying and working with the best talent available and without question the best PR talent is at UpSpring PR. We are not simply clients; we are partners working to better our business across multiple media avenues. UpSpring gets us in front of the right people through speaking, video and print opportunities, expanding the reach and effectiveness of our design message. We cannot imagine where our business would be or where it would be going without UpSpring PR.”

- David Shove-Brown, Partner


UpSpring PR has represented IIDA NY for nearly 4 years. In that time, the team has not only done an impressive job with ideation and securing varied placements for our members and year-round events, but even more importantly, has navigated the nuances of our volunteer organization incredibly well. They're writers, connectors, and specialists in the design industry. Jana and the rest of the UpSpring team have become an integral part of the IIDA family and we couldn't imagine a better partner to help share our story.

- Alan Goodin, Executive Director

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